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Writing Domains

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  • Sticks to the topic
  • Chooses a topic that is important to him/her
  • Includes details to maintain focus
  • Paints a picture in the readers' mind and by using adjectives
  • Writes in an organized manner
  • Writes a beginning, middle, and end
  • Uses connecting words (first, then, next, finally, etc.)
  • Writes using intersting words (W.O.W: Wonderful Outstanding Words ).
  • Sentences vary (length, experimenting with craft, dialogue, etc.)
  • Spacing between words
  • Writes in complete sentences
  • Uses capitals correctly
  • Uses punctuation correctly at a developmentally appropriate level
  • Spells words at a developmentally appropriate level (Phonetic, Transitional, Conventional)
  • Spells learned Sight Words correctly and includes vowels in all words