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6th Grade Penny Challenge

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      2019 6th Grade Penny Challenge:  October 21st-25th 
     Each year, the 6th graders take part in a "Penny Challenge" to raise funds for 6th grade activities.  Our goal for this year is to raise over $3,000!!   This money is used to subsidize 6th grade activities like the field trip, sixth grade tee shirts, and yearbooks.   Penny Challenge Rules: 1. Students will compete as homerooms.   2. Each homeroom will have a Penny Challenge bucket located outside of the classroom.   3. During the week of the Penny Challenge, students may put coins in any of the Penny Challenge buckets in the 6th grade hallway from 8:50-9:10.                  Once the morning bell rings, all coins must be placed in a bucket and students report to homeroom.   4. Scoring is as follows:      - for every penny, the homeroom will receive 1 point    - for every non-penny coin, the homeroom will deduct points based on the value of the coin (i.e. -25 points for a quarter)   5. On Friday, students may put up to 5 single one-dollar bills in a Penny Challenge bucket.  Each dollar bill will count as 100 points for the homeroom.   6. The homeroom with the most points wins.