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Social Studies Curriculum

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6th Grade Social Studies Overview  
    Text: World History: Great Civilizations; National Geographic; 2016  
6th Grade Social Studies Overview:

Students will learn Chapter 1 in their homerooms, then they will rotate throughout the teachers for the remaining units.


Chapter 1: Development of Human Societies 

Mrs. Panettieri:

Chapter 2: Origins of Civilization

Chapter 3: Ancient Mesopotamia

Mrs. Lockett:

Chapter 4: Ancient Egypt

Ms. Gorbachinsky:

Chapter 5: Judaism and Israelite Kingdoms

Chapter 6: Ancient India

Mrs. Duffy:

Chapter 7: Ancient China

Mr. Morecz:

Chapter 16: Mesoamerica

Chapter 17: South and North America 

  Useful websites:  
native american
Hunter/Gatherer Websites:
  Pyramid Challenge   Mummy Maker Game   Write your name in Cuneiform   Be an Archaeologist   Stoneage Toolkit      
Ancient Mesopotamia Websites:
  Mesopotamia (geography/history/government, daily life, deities/legends/inventions)    
Egyptian Websites:   Egyptian Alphabet   Hieroglyphic Translator   Egypt's Golden Empire   Kidipede Ancient Egyptian Facts (timeline, history, government, environment, religion, architecture, wars, and more!)   Ancient Egypt for Kids (geography/history/government, daily life, deities/funerals/afterlife)   The British Museum: facts about Ancient Egypt (Egyptian life, geography, gods/goddesses, mummification, pharaoh, pyramids, temples, and more)   (Egyptian Gods)  
Great Wall
China Websites:   China Geography Game   China Tomb Game