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What Is Involved In the Process

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What Is Involved In the Process?

  • o  A referral is made to the Instructional Support Teacher.

    o  Background information is collected.

    o  The I.S.T. teacher observes the student and conducts an informal interview.

    o  The I.S.T. teacher talks with the parents to learn more about their child.

    o  The student’s specific strengths and needs are identified.

    o  Goals are established.

    o  Parents are invited to an Instructional Support Team Brainstorming Meeting where interventions are discussed.

    o  During the meeting, strategies and ideas are clarified and an Intervention Plan is developed.

    o  A 30 school day intervention period is initiated.

    o  The I.S.T. teacher monitors the student’s progress and the effectiveness of the interventions.

    o  At the conclusion of the intervention period, parents are invited to an Intervention Outcome Meeting. Results are reviewed and recommendations are made.