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Beginning Strings Homework

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Beginning Strings Homework:


Specific homework assignments will be posted weekly on Google Classroom :)



All lesson group reminders:

  • Practice holding position - violin/viola: left shoulder, jaw in rest, 10:00 position, cello/bass: Endpin about 2 feet in front of you, centered in middle of body with neck on the left side, C peg behind left ear.

  • Review the names of the strings - violin:GDAE, viola/cello:CGDA, bass:EADG.

  • Practice pizzicato (plucking) using your right pointer finger (Backwards "L")

  • Practice correct wrist position - violin/viola: straight left wrist (not collapsed), cello/bass: square fingers.

  • Practice fingerings on the tape - violin/viola: 1,2,3 fingers on tapes, cello: 1,2,3,4 on tapes, bass: 1,4 on tapes.

  • Practice hand-out and/or assigned pages in the book.  Remember to focus on the pieces that you will be assessed on each week!