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After-School Activites and Policy that Permits Students to Carry Their Own Medications

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      Activities Before and After School, Health Office Hours & Contact Information, and CRSD Self-Carry Medication Policy  

Dear Parents and Guardians,          If your child has a medical condition, and may require emergency medication during a school activity that occurs before or after school, (before 8:30 AM, or after 4:00 PM), the following information is shared to assist you and your child.  
     Activities supervised by a COUNCIL ROCK SCHOOL DISTRICT EMPLOYEE; If you enroll your child in an activity that is supervised by a Council Rock School District employee, those employees will have access to the Health Office before 8:30 and after 4:00 when the nurse is not present in the building. Parents are strongly encouraged to directly contact the 'supervising staff member' of all before or after school activities, to share pertinent medical information directly.        Activites supervised by an OUTSIDE/NON-DISTRICT PROVIDER; **If you enroll your child in an activity that is supervised by an *OUTSIDE PROVIDER who is NOT a Council Rock School District Employee; parents themselves are required; 1) to communicate their child's medical information directly to the 'outside program supervisor', and 2) and parents are required to provide any needed medications directly to the 'outside program supervisor'. Outside non-district personnel will not have access to the Health Office outside normal Health Office hours, which are 8:30AM-4:00PM.       Council Rock School District has a policy that permits students to carry their own emergency medications. This policy requires two forms to be completed by the child's physician, school nurse, parent and child. Forms can be obtained by emailing or calling the school nurse. The policy requires a doctor's order stating that the child may carry the medication, and the order must state the name and the dose and the timing of the emergency medication. Also, a brief teaching session between the school nurse and child is requried, to ensure understanding of the policy, and to assess the ability of the child to understand the physician's directions, and properly administer the medication. If you decide to take advantage of this offering to have your child carry an emergency medication with them, you and your child are VERY STRONGLY encouraged to ALWAYS keep that medication IN their backpack. In this manner, whether at home, or at school, you and your child will always have access immediate to the medication.          Please feel welcome to call the Health Office. We would be happy to explain the policy, to answer any questions you may have, and provide you with the necessary forms. If your child has a medical condition that may affect them in an after school activity, you are welcome to call the Health Office to discuss a plan for your child. The direct number here is 215 944 2409.         Thank you, Ms. Leachko Certified School Nurse, SFE 215 944 2409

**Please be aware that the nurse is not available to care for your child when participating in sports, activities, or child care before the start of the school day, or after the school day ends:

**Elementary School - before 8:30 AMor after 4:00 PM

 Middle school –before 8:00 AM or after 3:30 PM 

High school - before 7:30 AM or after3:00 PM