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Allergy Information & ALL classrooms are Nut-Safe Zones

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                             Sol Feinstone Elementary School is a peanut/nut safe school.

Dear Parents,
All are kindly reminded that all snacks sent to school that our classrooms are shared spaces, and are peanut/nut safe. All foods that are intended for 'classroom sharing' must be peanut/nut free and are REQUIRED TO HAVE A LABEL, so ingredients can be checked for safety. Please read the ingredients labels of ALL snacks, EVERY time you purchase them. Manufacturers do change ingredients.  There is a peanut/nut free table in the lunchroom, and the Chartwells cafeteria staff are given a list of students with food allergies. Additionally, individualized health care plans are available for students with serious allergies and other medical concerns. Please see the Classroom Snack Safety Letter below for some suggestions of safe snacks
    ***If your child does not have a food allergy, but they wish to sit at the 'nut-safe table at lunch', would you kindly ensure that you pack only nut-safe foods, OR, that your child purchases lunch, since our Chartwells cafeteria staff does not serve anything with nuts. The students who sit at this table have the potential for life-threatening allergic reactions, and your awareness of this important safety issue is very much appreciated.

For more information on allergies, please select and click on these websites:



American Academy of Pediatrics

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network

                                                                                            ****CLASSROOM SNACK SAFETY REMINDER****      

Dear Staff, Parents and Students,

    As classroom parties are being planned, may we please remind parents and staff-there are students throughout all grade levels with LIFE-THREATENING allergies to nuts. We are appealing for your assistance in maintaining their safety in school.

    Classrooms are nut-safe areas, because they are rooms that are shared with other students who may have severe allergies. So, please, no nuts or nut products may be eaten in classrooms, either for your child, or as a shared class treat. However, any food may be eaten in the cafeteria, since there are allergy-safe tables there. **For snacks that are intended for sharing with the entire class, please ONLY send foods WITH labels that can be checked for safety. Items without labels, whether baked goods or donuts, will be set aside in the classroom. They may be given out by the 'party student' at the door, as students are on their way to lunch or to carry home. If you are “going green” at home, you may send in smaller portions of nut-free food, for your child only, in reusable containers, and keep the larger quantity at home, again-no nuts or nut products, please in classrooms. However, for food to be shared with all classmates, please only send in labeled food items. Please note; parents are not permitted to distribute food in the cafeteria, since they do not know of the allergies of students.

    Parents often call to inquire about classroom snacks, so the list below is provided as a helpful reference. We do not endorse these items, nor the companies that manufacture them. Rather, we hope you will consider “Healthy Food” snacks and parties during the year, with natural alternatives such as fresh fruit, dried fruit, vegetables, yogurt, and cheese.

      Dole Fruit Bowl                                 Jello Pudding Snacks                  String Cheese

      Doritos                                                JollyRanchGelSnack                   Sticks of Cheese

      Fig Newtons                                        Lays Potato Chips                      Tostitos Tort Chips

      Fresh                                                   Mott’s Fruitsation                       Vegetables

      Fruit Roll-ups                                    Nutri Grain Bars                         Wheat Thins

      Go-gurt                                               Peprg Goldfish                            Yogurt    Please remember the Healthy Party Treats from Chartwells are available from our own Chartwells cafeteria manager. The flyer with the prices and selections will posted on the SFE E Friday Folder. If you have questions on this, please feel welcome to call the cafeteria directly at 215 944 2411. **What could be easier than making a call and writing a check; no need to shop, no need to check labels for ingredients, no need to purchase foods, plates, forks, napkins etc. And, most important, there is a healthy theme in the Chartwells treat,s &students do really like them.                                                                                                             


    If you have any questions about snacks in your child's class, feel welcome to call the Health Office. Thanks for your help in safeguarding our allergic students, and for allowing them to participate in ALL fun holiday and classroom activities.

Thank you, 

Mr. Harlan , Principal    &    Ms. Leachko, Certified School Nurse


For more information on allergies, please select and click on these websites:



American Academy of Pediatrics

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network

  Peanut-Free Diet   AVOID foods that contain peanuts or any of these ingrediants:   Artificial nuts, beer nuts, cold pressed, expelled, or extruded peanut oil, goobers, ground nuts, mandelonas, mixed nuts, monkey nuts, nutmeat, Nu-Nuts flavored nuts, nut pieces, peanut, peanut butter and peanut flour.   May indicate presence of peanut protein: African, Chinese, Indonesian, Mexican, Thai, and Vietnamese dishes, baked goods (pastries, cookies), candy (including chocolate candy), chili, egg rolls, enchilada sauce, flavoring, marzipan, nougatand sunflower seeds. Arachis oil is peanut oil.        

Tree Nut-Free Diet

AVOID foods that contain nuts or any of these ingredients:

Almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, chestnuts, chestnuts, filbert/hazelnuts, gianduja (a creamy mixture of chocolate and chopped toasted nuts found in premium or imported chocolate), hickory nuts, macadamia nuts, marzipan/almond paste, nougat, Nu-Nuts® artificial nuts, nut butters, i.e. cashew butter, nut paste, i.e. almond paste, nut meal, nut oil, pecans (Mashuga nuts), pine nuts (pinyon, Indian nuts), pistachios and walnuts.


Keep the following in mind:

•Artificial nuts can be peanuts that have been deflavored and reflavored with a nut, like pecan or walnut.

•Filberts are also hazelnuts

•Avoid natural extracts, i.e. purealmond extract, use imitation or artificial flavored extracts

•Tree nuts have been used in many foods including barbecue sauce, cereals, crackers and ice cream       Thanks for the time you took to read and consider this important information. Sincerely, Ms. Leachko