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  Dear Parents, Students and Staff,        Wen there is a new flyer sent to me by the 'Chartwells Cafeteria Service' in Council Rock. and it will also be posted on the E Friday Folder and titled "Healthy Party Treats from Chartwells'. I hope you will consider purchasing some of the healthy snack selections listed on the flyer, through Chartwells. It will save you time and money, and you won't have to do any shopping yourselves! What could be easier than placing an order and writing a check, and letting the cafeteria do the rest! No shopping to do, no labels to check, no ingredients to worry about, no spoons, forks, plates, napkins, etc. to purchase!  They have all allergy and food information for all classrooms.       Our Sol Feinstone cafeteria manager, can be reached at 215 944 2411. She does request 1 week notice prior to party dates, please. If you have any questions about the healthy treat selections, or about the cafeteria service or foods in general, or any questions about the snack trays and selections, please feel welcome to visit the cafeteria, or to give her a call.                                                                    Thank you,                                                                  Ms. Leachko