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Head injuries/concussion can pose a significant risk to a child’s physical and cognitive and academic functioning.

A child or teen with a concussion needs to be seen by a medical provider. If you think your child or teen has a concussion, contact his or her health care professional, who will provide accommodations to the school specific to your child’s symptoms and recovery progress (via the school nurse).

  • If your child is diagnosed with a concussion, the School Nurse will request a Health Care Provider note verifying the student’s diagnosis and specifying recommended accommodations and restrictions.
  • Once the Health Care Provider note is received, the School Nurse will communicate the concussion plan to the teachers, counselor, Athletic Director and Athletic Trainer (if an athlete), and the Instructional Support Teacher (if an elementary student).
  • The School Nurse follows recovery progression for physical symptoms and requests medical updates as needed.
  • At the Secondary level, the student’s counselor will monitor academic progress and assist with academic accommodations as provided.
  • At the Elementary level, the student’s regular teacher will monitor and collaborate with the Instructional Support Teacher.
  • If a student/student athlete is under the care of a health care practitioner and has academic accommodations, he/she is prohibited from extracurricular and athletic participation until all accommodations are removed.
  • If the student’s condition has improved, a Health Care Provider clearance note is required and provided to the School Nurse.

***Student athletes must complete a Return to Play process before resuming sports***

To promote recovery, a reduction in extracurricular activities (band/chorus, after school activities) is recommended, as well as sports and physical education. Your child should get plenty of rest, get enough sleep and not stay up late. Try to have him/her keep the same schedule on weekends. Make sure they drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. A healthy diet has also been shown to enhance brain recovery.

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