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Illness Prevention and Return to School after Illness

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November 2016

    Dear Parents, Student and Staff,   I thought a few reminders would be of assistance, since cold and flu season is here. As we do every year, we are beginning to see the usual 'January increase' of illness in our general community, as well as in our schools. Multiple media outlets are sharing information that influenza will again be 'widespread' in Pennsylvania this year, and are encouraging all to be immunized with the flu shot. It is not too late to condiser this for yourselves and your families, under advise of your own physician. If you are concerned about side effects, he or she can best answer your questions. Your child cannot "catch" the flu from the flu shot.

In addition to proper immunization, I hope you will also be aware of keeping ill children at home for adequat recovery. Please see informaiton below for more on this. And please also remind them frequently about good hand washing and hygiene measures. The more they hear the reminders, the better. According to the CDC and the Pennsylvania Department of Health, hand washing with soap and water is one of the single most important measures in preventing the spread of illness, and in staying well. This simple measure is one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of bacteria and viruses that are known to cause a variety of illnesses commonly found in the general community. The Council Rock School District approves of soap and water, Purrell, and Wet Ones. Most classrooms have hand washing facilities. And there is Purrell available in the cafeteria. Additionally, the district provides daily cleaning in school by the Aramark Company, and also provides bottles of spray cleaner to teachers, for additional classroom cleaning, as needed.
  This week a video on 'hand washing and hygiene meaures' was shown to students during all lunch periods in school, as a timely reminder. Additionally, teachers are reminded to prompt students about the importance of hand washing. Also, hand washing and hygiene posters are placed in classrooms, as reminders to students, staff, and visitors. The message, of course, is to use good hygiene measures to prevent the spread of illness.   In additional to hand washing, other important measures that can decrease the spread of illness as well as support a healthy immune system include; covering coughs with elbows instead of hands, prompt disposal of tissues, rest at home until adequately recovered from illness, good nutrition, adequate sleep, and not 'over-scheduling' activites.         **If your child has been ill, please allow adequate recovery time, so that your child does not re-introduce illness at school, by returning too soon. Please also consider the fact that some children are very fatigued during illness recovery, and do need a little extra time at home. The Council Rock School District policy, and the guidelines of the Pennsylvania and Bucks County Departments of Health, state that children must be free of fever for 24 hours, with NO Tylenol or Motrin during the 24 hours, before returning to school. If unsure, please call the Health Office to discuss your child's care.      In addition, Council Rock School District reserves the right to exclude children from school with the following conditions:
  • Fever of 100 F or higher.  Students should return when free of fever for 24 hours, WITHOUT fever medication; no Tylenol or Motrin, for 24 hours.
  • Diarrhea or vomiting during the previous 24 hours.  Students should return when appetite and energy have returned to normal.
  • Rash with a fever.
  • Illness that prevents a child from participating in activities.
  • Other conditions identified through assessment by the certified and/or staff nurse.
  Thank you,

Ms. Leachko

Certified School Nurse, SFE