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LANGUAGE    Language refers to understanding what is said to you as well as being able to express yourself in a clear and sufficient manner.  In language therapy, we work on receptive language and expressive language.   Receptive language refers to understanding.  This can be following directions, understanding vocabulary and concepts, and reading comprehension to name a few.   Expressive language refers to what we say. This can be our grammar skills, our ability to accurately answer questions, explain our thoughts and ideas, etc.   Language therapy does not occur solely in the speech and language therapy room.  Language skills are necessary throughout the day and we work as a team to support our students' language needs across settings.   The links below will take you to the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association's (ASHA) website. The first link will provide language milestones for elementary aged students. The skills listed are what most students can do by the end of the grade listed. Please keep in mind all chidren develop at their own rate. The second link provides language suggestions for parents.   ASHA's website:   language milestones   ASHA's parent suggestions